Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring In Really Here - For The Week Tells Me So!

Spring is really here. I saw it with my own eyes! Our yard is a mess since we are remodeling. Hopefully not for long because the next phase is adding the wrap around deck with hot tub included! I can't wait to step out the bedroom sliding glass door onto the deck and into the hot tub! Yesterday I was trying to pick up the yard,getting more and more depressed because of the dead looking grass, muddy yard, and just a disarray of building materials everywhere. It was then I spotted one of our tulips peeking through the ugliness,letting me know that there is beauty coming to our home and it won't be long before this season of ugly winter in our life is over.

On the news this week I heard that we soon will be able to travel to Cuba! How exciting! We go to Key West often and I have always looked over the ocean and wondered what it was like over there. I guess I'm a true American and I don't like it when someone,even my own government tells me that I CAN'T go wherever I want! Instead of Thailand next year the Princess and I are considering going to Cuba. Yeah I know what you are thinking, what the hell can be there, but the people are who I want to meet! They have had to deal with the embargo's for all these years and they sure as hell know what to do when there is a hurricane. What an interesting undiscovered culture they have! What a strong people they are!

My brother came to visit this week and we got to spend some time with him. Kim and T met us out at a local drag show which made it that much better.

Softball was rained out today. The first two games of the year. Our teams name is Bro's and Ho's ... and I can't wait to beat the team Barbies!

I'm facing my fear of the basement ... before I head down the stairs I just tell the ghostie I'm on my way down and to stay away from me and he is.

Yes, Spring is really here! I'm getting so excited!


Anonymous said... be able to see beauty among the chaos, that takes a special talent.

And I love going to new places to learn and become a part of a different culture. That's why I love to travel.

Really? a softball team named Barbies? be careful though, they could be the tattooed Barbies. lol

Propane Amy said...

The tulips that were here long before me haven't quite come up yet, but I think they will be in full bloom by the time I get home from my vacation. I'm not one for flowers, but i do like the tulips. I may try to transplant them to one area. Right now, they are scattered every where from the previous owner.

Dawg said...

I miss Key West. I was traveling there each Xmas but Hottie changed that schedule!