Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aids Walk 2009

Today was Aids Walk 2009. We had a dear friend pass away a couple of years ago from Aids. He was one of the funniest people you could ever meet. Today when we went to get his flag to carry in the Aids Walk and it was nowhere to be found (the Aids Walk Organization stores them and brings them to the Aids Walk every year) and the event leaders felt horrible that they had misplaced his flag. So, we did what Lenny would have done, laughed it off,made them promise to find it for next year and went to breakfast and shared our stories about Lenny with each other.

The rest of my week has been just as eventful as today. I have been working two case loads, and I haven't seemed to have anytime for anything other than work. Finally last night I found some downtime. I rush home thinking to myself I can just put on my PJ's and a good movie and vege out. But no ... I get to the house and the AT&T repairman is there hooking up our new phone lines. He knocks on the door and tells me that he needs to get into our basement so he can finish connecting the phone line to the new part of the house. Of course I'm thinking to myself. He needs in the one part of the house that our ghost hangs out in. I put on my brave Dyke armour and I lead the man down to the basement. He goes about his work down there and I come back upstairs. He is down there for about 10minutes and he comes back upstairs . We he gets to the top of the stairs he starts explaining to me that while he was working he saw someone standing by a rack of clothing and started to talk to them while he worked. Then he said he looked back over at the person he was talking to and they were gone! Great ... so someone other than those related to us or knows us has seen the ghost. Now I know it's real! The phone man leaves and I am now left alone and in the dark. I am so grateful Princess came home early to snuggle with!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Princess Dreams Post One

The way that I met the Princess is insane. If any friend of mine would have met a potential partner the way I did -I would have told them to "Run Forest Run".

I belonged to a online Lesbian club and saw some post that Princess had put up that were really interesting. I took a chance and sent her an IM on yahoo because she was so close to Kansas City, really enjoyed her post and thought it would be neat to meet her. She answered that IM and we quickly began chatting every single night. I would get home from work and couldn't wait to log in at 6 PM so I could chat with her. We would be on yahoo messenger until 3 or 4 in the morning. This went on for two months. Then we finally decided that we would meet. Of course, I let her pick the day and place, and just my luck she picked a night that I had planned on going to the Ellen show with a woman who I had been seeing on and off for a year. We weren't serious at all and she too was dating another woman at the time we were seeing each other.

Shit! I really want to meet her so what should I do. Well, I was being honest with the "other" woman and she knew I had been chatting online with Princess. I was also being honest with Princess and told her that I had a date that night that I couldn't break. Princess worked a lot of hours and this was one of the rare times she could get to the city to meet me. So, I called up the other woman and said, "I don't want to hurt your feelings but I want to meet Princess tonight and I know I promised you that I would take you to see Ellen, but can I just give you the tickets and you take "your friend". Turns out her friend was out of town so I felt guilty and just resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be meeting Princess tonight. I called Princess and told her the story. She says, "well I can just go to Missie B's (the bar we agreed to meet in) and wait for you." Oh hell yes! I thought to myself!

Princess needed a place to change in Kansas City because she was already working here that day and I didn't want her to have to drive all the way to Princeton ( about 70 miles from here) and then just turn around and drive back to the city. I told her that I would leave my key under my front door mat and she could use my apartment. She agreed to it!

Crazy huh! A woman that I never met was using my apartment to shower and change in and I wasn't even there!

I go to the Ellen Show, hurry to Missie B's to meet the Princess. I was terrified. I ran upstairs, had a couple shots of tequila and talked to a complete stranger about what I was about to do. I was about to meet a woman downstairs that I had been talking to online for two months, that I strangely had feelings for that I hadn't experienced in a LONG time!

I had seen a picture of her and she had told me what she was going to wear. I had some idea of who she was. Of course, she didn't have on anything near what she said she would be wearing. I saw this woman at the end of the bar, she was HOT! I didn't want to walk up to that hot of a woman and say, "Hi I'm Monkey are you the Princess?". So instead I stood at the opposite side of the bar and asked the bartender, who I knew all to well, to ask the hot woman at the end of the bar if her name was Princess. He walked to the end of the bar, asked the hot woman the question and came back to my end of the bar. Inpatient me is asking him as he is walking back, "is that her, is that her?" .... He says, " I don't know but if it is, she's a bitch."

to be continued ...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring In Really Here - For The Week Tells Me So!

Spring is really here. I saw it with my own eyes! Our yard is a mess since we are remodeling. Hopefully not for long because the next phase is adding the wrap around deck with hot tub included! I can't wait to step out the bedroom sliding glass door onto the deck and into the hot tub! Yesterday I was trying to pick up the yard,getting more and more depressed because of the dead looking grass, muddy yard, and just a disarray of building materials everywhere. It was then I spotted one of our tulips peeking through the ugliness,letting me know that there is beauty coming to our home and it won't be long before this season of ugly winter in our life is over.

On the news this week I heard that we soon will be able to travel to Cuba! How exciting! We go to Key West often and I have always looked over the ocean and wondered what it was like over there. I guess I'm a true American and I don't like it when someone,even my own government tells me that I CAN'T go wherever I want! Instead of Thailand next year the Princess and I are considering going to Cuba. Yeah I know what you are thinking, what the hell can be there, but the people are who I want to meet! They have had to deal with the embargo's for all these years and they sure as hell know what to do when there is a hurricane. What an interesting undiscovered culture they have! What a strong people they are!

My brother came to visit this week and we got to spend some time with him. Kim and T met us out at a local drag show which made it that much better.

Softball was rained out today. The first two games of the year. Our teams name is Bro's and Ho's ... and I can't wait to beat the team Barbies!

I'm facing my fear of the basement ... before I head down the stairs I just tell the ghostie I'm on my way down and to stay away from me and he is.

Yes, Spring is really here! I'm getting so excited!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Ghost

Shortly after the Princess and I moved into our current home 5 years ago I started seeing a shadowy figure in our upstairs loft. It had a male presence and male energy. I would see it up and down the stairs, as well as around the top of the stairs. At the time it was my office so I spent numerous hours up there. It never really scared me at all, it was just something that I learned to deal with. At first it sort of made me uneasy, not because it was there,but because I wasn't sure what I was seeing or what it was. I never said anything to anyone,including the Princess because, number one I knew at the time that Princess didn't believe in ghost, and number two I didn't want anyone to think I had lost my mind.

A few months after we moved in the Princess's oldest daughter mentioned to her that she kept seeing something at the top of the stairs that went into my office. Princess told her that she too had seen something but didn't want to admit to it. Princess then confessed to me what her and her daughter had seen and I told her what I had seen. We all agreed that it was definatly male and none of us were frightend by it.

About two years ago we moved my office to the basement and our bedroom upstairs so we could remodel our home. Princess and I continued to see the shadowy figure, but it had moved to the downstairs ground level of the home and continued to "hang out" upstairs. It moved the blinds and started making some knocking noises over the years. We continued to keep it to ourselves, and just agreed that we would deal with it.

Then one day I was deleteing some videos off the camera and I came across one that Princess had taken and it was just she and I home. On the video we heard a males voice say "No". It freaked us out because we had never heard our Ghost speak. We showed our video to some friends and one of them knew some local ghost hunters that they thought would love to come by the house and check it out. We agreed to let them ... you can find their report here--------> and when they left they told us that we would either A, see the ghost more and have more interaction with it or B, not see it anymore. Well, long story short the SAME night the Ghost decided to mess with us some, we were talking to it in the living room and all of a sudden the light above the stove came on, and it's a rocker switch that turns it on and off. Then when we all went running in the kitchen the light went out and the rocker switch has been broken every since. That night Princess and I told the Ghost that it could stay, yeah like we can make it leave, on two conditions. The first one is it can't touch us and the second one is it can't move our shit around. We also told the Ghost that if he wanted to leave that we were sure he would let us know and that we would help him.

After that night we really didn't hear or see much of the Ghost. We keep a diary of when and where we see him, but for a few months nothing.... I think it was because we are remodeling,tearing out walls,moving stairs etc. Now all of a sudden he has moved to the basement and Princess decides to tell me that she has seen him down there. She adds that he is more clear and not as shadowy but more like a mist.

For the life of me, and it gives me the creeps now, I just can't force myself to go down to the basement. It's just something about the Ghost being in the basement that freaks me out. I'm not scared, I just don't want to see him. I have to go to the garage to feed the cats but I will walk all the way around the house and use the outside entrance rather than walk through the basement to get to the garage.

I wonder if I should just go down there and face it or just let it alone. I mean, I'm not terrified of it, I'm just avoiding it. The Ghost Hunters have called and want to come back. I could let them deal with it.

What do you think?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

I'm training a new case worker at my job and this week has found me running up and down the highway from Kansas City to Grandview (to be in her homes) all day. I've been working almost 16 hours a day and racking up the old mileage on the truck like crazy (will make for a nice check at the end of the month - but sure is hard on my ass being in the truck so much).

Last night I finally had a break in my week and had the time to watch TV. I watched a Dateline rerun on serial killers. Have you noticed that when a serial killer is caught that they always interview former next-door-neighbors and the neighbors almost always say "He was so quiet, minded his business, seemed like such a nice young man, never was seen at the local stripper bar ..."? Interesting huh? But then if you have bodies buried in your crawl space it would hardly be a smart move to be an asshole neighbor, banging on drums at 2 AM and being a jerk to everyone would it?! Sometimes, I wonder.

I don't wonder at all about the holiday weekend! I "accidentally" say my Easter Basket that the Easter Bunny dropped off and I can't wait until tomorrow!

Hope you all have a GREAT Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Strange Taxi Rides

On the rare occasions that Princess and I go out, knowing that we will become very intoxicated, we call a cab to the place we are going and back home again. Saturday night was one of these occasions. I pick up the cell and dial the taxi company and they send a cab right away. When the cab arrived I looked inside and the cab driver actually looked like someone that spoke English! Awesome I thought to myself, I won't have to have a conversation with a man that I am trusting with my life in HIS car, that consists of me saying yes and not knowing what the hell is he saying. Then I noticed that the cab driver had a Garmin in his car. Yes! How sweet, I won't have to give this one directions either! Last I notice that the cab driver is a very gay man. No Gaydar needed.

So we jump in the cab say hello and give the driver the address of the bar we are going to. Then, and note that we haven't even turned the corner from our house yet, the driver tells us that he is dating a fuzzy gay man. I say oh a fuzzy gay man, how interesting. At this point Princess pokes me in my side, I know she is trying to tell me NOT to encourage conversation, but I just can't help myself. I say to the driver, you know I'm glad you are dating a fuzzy gay man (I've had a couple drinks already and am ready for fun). The cab driver continues to tell us that his fuzzy boyfriend is going to have smoothie surgery. Of course I asked what that was. He proceeded to tell me that his boyfriend just wanted to be castrated because his father is a child molester and he doesn't want to be one when he gets older. Princess is grabbing the door at this point. I say to the driver, wow that's awful drastic, but I guess if that's what will ease his mind then I suppose a man has to do what a man has to do. Then, the cab driver continues to tell us that his "Fuzzy" boyfriend also wants the surgery so he can't reproduce. I say to the driver, "Wow I didn't know that two gay men could reproduce.." At this point Princess can't stand it anymore. She gives me the look that says, "if you say one more damn word to this man I will kill you...."

I'm sure glad we were only a block away at that point or I wouldn't be typing this today!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Best Friends and Fruit Roll Ups Make Great Weekends!

I have the best weekend ever planned!

Tonight I get to meet up with one of my best friends and have dinner with her and some internet stalker that her and her girlfriend (soon to be wife) met online and invited to stay with them at their house this weekend.

Then my best friend in the whole world - Little Monkey- will come by and he and I will spend the evening eating fruit roll ups and watching Madagascar. Oh, I forgot to mention that he is our grandson and only a year and a half old. I do love being under the influence of a toddler! We will then end the evening with him sprawled out in bed with me reading Teletubbies and the Magic Pumpkin.

Saturday morning Little Monkey, Princess and I will get up early go to the River Market where we will have breakfast. Then, oh yes, the fun begins! We will go to the best Easter Egg Hunt in the world! 15,000 eggs hidden all over Parkville, Missouri park. All ours for the taking!

At 7:00 PM I have a hot date with the Princess to go to Artopia Kansas City! A night full of food,music, wine and awards with local theater performers, photographers, small film makers and musicians.

To end the night off , Princess and I will be celebrating with friends the last of their single days. Our best friends, Kim and T are having a Bachelorette Party at Balanca's Pyro Room in Kansas City. It will be a night that I'm sure will be filled with good times and memories of a lifetime!

Sunday will be spent eating Tylenol and drinking water. Wondering just what the hell happened to the days that I could party like a rock star all weekend long and never feel bad at all!

Hope you all have a good weekend!