Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring In Missouri ...

This is what Spring looks like today in Missouri.

We have made the best of it. Princess has worked on getting her new laundry room looking just right (I've tried to help, but I am not allowed anywhere near the laundry since I shrink things and change them colors). I have watched a movie, cooked lunch for the Princess and now we are fixing to cuddle on the couch and watch the last episode of Big Love while the snow falls outside. Really being locked up inside doesn't seem so bad after all.


I hope the Groundhog that predicted this crap freezes his balls off in it today!


Propane Amy said...

Awwww, Monkey, you have weather like Minnesota..... Unpredictable!! We are actually snow free for the time being, but I know there's more to come :(

shane rocket said...

your new truck is gonna need a wash!!!

HA HA in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and no snow here!!!
but yes hope the little shitball freezes his nads off!!!

Anonymous said...

A good reason to stay inside indeed. Hope tomorrow brings warmer weather for you two.

And Monkey, good job with the laundry duty ;)

Monkey Outlaw said...

PA, ewww see this is why I will move no farther South then I already have!

Shane, shit man hang on I'm sure it's headed your way!

Jude, thanks! Oh I know I sure hate the laundry duty!