Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sundays' at Home Depot

You can tell so much about couples that you see at the Home Depot store. We were there this morning and ran into three couples.

The first couple we pass are probably in their mid twenties. They were holding hands and giggling, looking at the lighting, shaking their heads in agreement, and were just as happy as they could be - JUST MARRIED! I thought. The man will do anything and agree to anything because he has one thing on his mind.

The second couple we passed were walking slowly but with purpose. The woman was telling the man what he was going to buy. She was pushing the cart and he was saying, "yes dear" out loud. Now there is a man that is miserable and has no choice but to do what she says or she will make his life TOTAL hell.

The third couple we saw were a woman and man walking beside one another. The woman was saying to him, "If you didn't want to do this project or help with this project then you should have just fucking told me so ..." Behind them were three little kids. One of them pushing the cart so full of stuff that his face was bright red. On the way to divorce I thought. I felt sorry for the kids, because if their folks fought like that in public I can only imagine what their battles are like at home.

Then there was me and my Princess. Now see I know a secret that none of these men know.

I go out early and clean the snow and ice off the truck while Princess is taking a shower. I turn on the heat and make sure her side of the truck is nice and clean. We drive to Home Depot while listening to her favorte music. We get to Home Depot and I drop the Princess of at the front door, go to the exit side of the parking lot and park the truck. I meet Princess at the carts. I push the cart and let the Princess walk around and put her stuff that she "needs" into it. She holds something up and says, "Do you think this will work?" ... I say "if it doesn't baby I will bring it back and get what you need." She says, "Do you like this." ... I say,"I like anything that you do, besides even if I didn't, you make our house look so nice I trust your judgement."

We get all of items and we leave the store .... both of us Happy and Satisfied with the whole experience. Not to mention still speaking to one another in the truck.


Propane Amy said...

Oh nice. I hate shopping with my GF. She can walk around and look at whatever and blah, blah, blah. Me.... I go straight for what I came for and get the hell out....LOL

Jude said...

Ya-see. I don't know how many times I've said this to people (esp straight people) "Only a woman knows how to love a woman".

It's so true!

Jude said... that really what your Home Depot associates look like there in the Mid West? Holy Smoly, I'd be there picking up or returning stuff every day!

shane rocket said...

sounds like my trips with my *g*!!!
we have it figured out huh!!

Monkey Outlaw said...

We do have it figured out don't we! How true Jude that a woman only knows how to love and I will add SHOP with one!

I'm the same way Amy in and out in less than 5 .... that's why I shop alone!

psstttt Jude - if they all did look like (or any of them) I would go pick up the stuff alone from a shopping list! HA HA NOT!