Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Strange Neighbors

Just this past Saturday my best friend, her Princess, myself and my Princess met for lunch at high noon as we do every Saturday. Our conversations always seem to end up with our Princess's talking about things that my best friend and I have in common that drives them insane. One of their many discoveries is that we both talk to our strange neighbors. I often find myself left in the yard, alone and unable to get away from mine.

I won't go into to much details, but let's just say that we both have some odd people that we live next door to. Kim's is toothless and seems to slobber a lot. Ours, well let's just say that she's the type that hangs her granny panties on the clothesline for all to see in the middle of a city. My Princess just loves to trick me into looking out the window and seeing the look on my face when I see them hanging on the line. She also finds great amusement in the fact that she can get out of the driveway and into the house before the neighbor can get to her to. Me on the other hand, I get caught everytime.

This morning my Princess and I woke up early to load some things in the pickup to take to a auction (we are remodeling our home and doing the out with the old and in with the new thing), and our neighbor stumbled out her back door. Princess looked at me and I saw the, "don't even start talking to her because we will never get away" look. But I couldn't help it. The nice person in me looked over and said "Good morning". That's all it took.

Over to the side of the truck she strolled. "Good morning" she said. At that same moment my cat, who is not loving to me at all - he is more the independent type - begans to rub himself all over my leg and trying to lead me away from the neighbor and into the garage.

"Ah there's your cat" the neighbors face lights up. "He comes to my house every night and humps the stuffed dog next to my TV, I just love to watch him do that. It's better entertainment than what I am watching on TV. He is getting better at it every day"

Princess looks at me and walks away.

I look at the neighbor.

Then she walks away.

Leaving me standing alone in the driveway.


Jude said...

your cat bangs the neighbor's stuffed dog? while she's watching? and she enjoys the scene? whoooa...that is just so wrong and weird. lol

shane rocket said...

oh the laughter coming out of me right now is deafening! funny stuff!!!

Monkey Outlaw said...

Jude, I forgot to tell the part of the story where I finally talked the Princess into trying to be friends with the neighbor ... ughhh.

Shane, LOL, TY!