Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

I'm training a new case worker at my job and this week has found me running up and down the highway from Kansas City to Grandview (to be in her homes) all day. I've been working almost 16 hours a day and racking up the old mileage on the truck like crazy (will make for a nice check at the end of the month - but sure is hard on my ass being in the truck so much).

Last night I finally had a break in my week and had the time to watch TV. I watched a Dateline rerun on serial killers. Have you noticed that when a serial killer is caught that they always interview former next-door-neighbors and the neighbors almost always say "He was so quiet, minded his business, seemed like such a nice young man, never was seen at the local stripper bar ..."? Interesting huh? But then if you have bodies buried in your crawl space it would hardly be a smart move to be an asshole neighbor, banging on drums at 2 AM and being a jerk to everyone would it?! Sometimes, I wonder.

I don't wonder at all about the holiday weekend! I "accidentally" say my Easter Basket that the Easter Bunny dropped off and I can't wait until tomorrow!

Hope you all have a GREAT Easter!


Newbo said...

Happy Easter to you too! :)

small town dyke said...

I know what you mean about the driving I spent2 years racking up 1500 a week. I love being back in my little local studio!! Have a great easter.

Anonymous said...

Hey a peep it!

You and the Princess have a great Easter too.

Propane Amy said...

Happy Easter to you as well, Monkey!! Hope the Easter Bunny brought you something good!!

Squirty said...

Hope you enjoyed your easter weekend! That picture is hilarious.

VeganBattleBot said...

A Peep on a stripper pole? Niiiiice.