Friday, April 3, 2009

Best Friends and Fruit Roll Ups Make Great Weekends!

I have the best weekend ever planned!

Tonight I get to meet up with one of my best friends and have dinner with her and some internet stalker that her and her girlfriend (soon to be wife) met online and invited to stay with them at their house this weekend.

Then my best friend in the whole world - Little Monkey- will come by and he and I will spend the evening eating fruit roll ups and watching Madagascar. Oh, I forgot to mention that he is our grandson and only a year and a half old. I do love being under the influence of a toddler! We will then end the evening with him sprawled out in bed with me reading Teletubbies and the Magic Pumpkin.

Saturday morning Little Monkey, Princess and I will get up early go to the River Market where we will have breakfast. Then, oh yes, the fun begins! We will go to the best Easter Egg Hunt in the world! 15,000 eggs hidden all over Parkville, Missouri park. All ours for the taking!

At 7:00 PM I have a hot date with the Princess to go to Artopia Kansas City! A night full of food,music, wine and awards with local theater performers, photographers, small film makers and musicians.

To end the night off , Princess and I will be celebrating with friends the last of their single days. Our best friends, Kim and T are having a Bachelorette Party at Balanca's Pyro Room in Kansas City. It will be a night that I'm sure will be filled with good times and memories of a lifetime!

Sunday will be spent eating Tylenol and drinking water. Wondering just what the hell happened to the days that I could party like a rock star all weekend long and never feel bad at all!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


shane rocket said...

love it!!
the fruit roll ups are my favorite! wishing you and lil monk full baskets of eggs.

Propane Amy said...

Sounds like you are going to be having a fantastic weekend!!! Have a great time and be safe!!!

small town dyke said...

sounds like a great weekend. thanks for the intrest in my column. it is on line at in the lesbian lair. title out and proud. have fun with the princess and remember that even rockstars need tylenol.

Jude said...

Your Little Monkey is sooooo cute! Love his hair style.

Full weekend indeed! Hope you're having a good time with everything.

Whot, you're not a rock star anymore? lol

Kim and Theresa said...

Well I'm happy to say that I am not chopped up in tiny pieces furtilizing our yard!! Yes inded, our internet friend ended up being normal and so very nice!! I hope you ladies had a great time at our bachelorette party!! Tell princess that Kim & I really enjoyed wearing her bra...but Kim was pretty disappointed she didn't get to wear yours!! LOL

Squirty said...

Hope your weekend went well! It sounds like it was going to be a blast. Especially the easter egg hunt!

Monkey Outlaw said...

Thanks all for the warm wishes and fun was had by all!

Thanks for compliments on the Monk. He is my hero indeed!

Never T never she will just have to remain disappointed!

small town dyke said...

so the link I have is let me know if it works for you and what you think.